Our Story

Our Story

Just Bread is the culmination of over 20 years of being deeply in love with baking artisan breads and pastries.

My name is Morgan Just and I am the owner and sole employee at Just Bread LLC, which is a fancy name for a 200 square foot room in my house crammed with tables, refrigerators, an oven, and a mixer. My approach to baked goods is to create them with care, attention, and the time that they need to become their best self. This approach lends itself well to the production of long fermented sourdough breads, which is the focus of Just Bread.

In everything I do to create and maintain this bakery, I am looking locally first and trying to engage with the people and ingredients that come from here to produce and support our local community and economy. This means teaming up with local organic farms to get the freshest possible ingredients for pastries and pies (not available yet due to Oregon cottage law, but coming soon). It means sourcing grains and flours from local mills, like Camas Country Mill, and sourcing other ingredients from local distributors like Hummingbird Wholesale. It means sourcing my equipment from local restaurant supply stores, like Valley Restaurant Supply.

Part of this is decision to keep my purchasing as local as possible is economic in nature—it is good for our local economy to keep money local—but a larger part has to do with building community. I see a business like mine as an opportunity to interact with humans in a way that allows us to support one another. Yes I sell bread to make money so I can live, but that is secondary to the relationships built by sharing my passion for high-quality baked goods with my community, while sourcing my ingredients from other passionate community members. In this way we can all come closer to living together in a way that allows us to support each other’s passions, to recognize that we live as a part of something larger that can nourish us and give us space to support and nourish those around us.

I believe that bread and baking are more than they seem and that the secrets to living a good life can be found if you look closely enough at the process of making a good loaf of bread. 

I would like to share my secrets with you in the form of delicious baked goods, so make an order and come pick it up from me at Hummingbird Wholesale on Fridays!