What Is A CSB?

What is a CSB?

A CSB, or Community Supported Bakery, is an alternative to more conventional methods of funding a local bakery, modeled off of the idea of a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture. This model creates a relationship between the producer of baked goods and the consumers of baked goods that is more than a financial agreement, it is an acknowledgement of our shared humanity, our shared community, and our shared love of bread and high-quality baked goods.

At Just Bread we are offering two  pick-up days for baked goods that can be preordered online. Here’s how it works, a community member who wants to support our enterprise can use this website to order from our rotating menu of baked goods, updated each week by Monday. Orders must be received by Tuesday for pick up the following Saturday at the Veneta Farmer’s Market, or pick-up Sunday at the Whitaker Community Market. Unfortunately, cottage laws require that all payments take place in person, so I cannot take payments over the internet. I can accept cash, checks, and cards at the time of pickup. Your orders allow Just Bread to purchase ingredients and produce baked goods with less waste, since the quantities to be sold are all known ahead of time, and help the bakery with start-up costs, as well as feeding and housing the baker, all while providing you with delicious baked goods.